Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tik-tok days


today went out with April and Vicky to midvalley having my chit chat season in there!
Long time no c, but she changed a lots.. finally April'z paid for today meals! !
got shocked !

anyway we went 1utama, until there.. April bump up with her frenz tat so call lengzai.
so she jz put me n vicky away..

anyway after clock turned 10pm ...i chao-ing from laundry bar with Linus,Allen,Dicson,Patt,Ivan and JunMin... we went there having out drink..
huhuuu,, cost dy RM330 haha! but anyway how we went for second round to Sactuary having our drinks there...

while at tat time i bump up with simon n andrew..

tik tok tik tok until
2am i chao-ing coz need to fetch Vicky home's..

after sending Vicky homes i went over to OUG ate porridge with them..

n now juz rch home..4am...