Monday, January 4, 2010

My heart is Melting

Today woke up !! at 11am..straightly walk to college n get a new registration form.
HUHU !! another day for tomorrow..
after seattle up all my things i went down having my lunch alone.
anyway it's ok lar... haha
used to be ardy.
so nothing lor.

after makan, i went out to Ampang alone,c car bump up Miky a.k.a T-I 007.
after chill out almost 4hour at ampang i went back PJ.
haha! sienz till late night i went to Wong I-van house meet up with them.
ivan pang and wai loon are there too.

after chilling out for 2hour we went snooker at seapark..
huhu..playing lucky ... my day is so lucky..
won 3 nasi lemak ayam :p

anyway is all for today..
but my words of the day