Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cool dayz

Wuu!! today is my 1st time of 2010 woke up so early
haha! i wokeup since 9am.. went out having a nice nice curry mee that i din ate for few weeks dy..i just don't feel like eating too much nowdays ,cz due to some reason haha.

Anyway having a bored day at home also, facing stupid faller.
huhu..i also don't know wat to do. Beside that i was polishing my laptop.
haha...clean enough..

so till late night i got call's from frenz. going up genting having a nice nice supper with them.. Is quite tired for me to drove up there.
but seem all frenz suggested to go up ! so me too ! haha

anyway jz rch home 2.30am huhuu
luckily enough time for me to blog !haha
nights peoples!!!