Sunday, July 3, 2011

This is How to be a successful Man !

Success is measued by a level of social status or the vast achievement of an objective or a goal. Many men believe that being a success, is only designated to one particular area in life. But in reality, the key to being a successful man is measured in every area of your life. Only having success in one specific area, does not make you a true successful man. Being successful with your career, social status, women, family, friends, money, yourself, and what makes you happy is what being a succesful man is all about. Happiness should be number one, because when you're happy, you achieved success, and you can enjoy life, when you enjoy life, that is a definite success no matter who you are.

Some men have success in obtaining women, but lose them rather quickly when the relationship falls a part because they don't know how to hang on to them. Another guy could be brilliant at his work, but doesn't have the personality or communicative skills to achieve his full success. While others could have a girlfriend and the perfect job, and still could be miserable. That doesn't sound very successful does it? It is what you do, how you think, how you act, how hard you work, and where you put yourself, is the key to being a successful man.

The first and most important part of being a success, is focusing on yourself first. In order to achieve anything worthwile, you have to put yourself above others. Now, some people might say this is selfish, but it is the only way to go. Nobody can do it for you, you have to be able to put yourself above the top so you can focus on what you need to do to accomplish your goals to be a success. If you're always worried about what other people think about you, trying too hard to please others, afraid of hurting someone's feelings, afraid to do what you want to do, you will never be a success and will always fall behind in life trailing behind other people. Think about it... Think about the last time you were afraid to hurt somebody else's feelings. You put them above you, didn't you? You were trying to be a nice guy afraid to rock the boat or trying to be way too considerate. So you put them above you, and when it came time for that other person, the one who you were afraid to hurt their feelings, to do the same for you, what happened? They put themselves above you and you wound up with the hurt feelings. You were afraid to to put yourself first, and in the end, they put themselves above you. That is what successful people do.

Men do this all the time with women, they are afraid of what they think about them, so they alter their thinking in their mind, and wind up placing the chick above them, which is a recipe for disaster. The chick has the higher value and the guy is a half a mile behind the starting gate, trying to catch up. The chick sees that he has the lower value and sees no interest in him. That's all because the guy did it to himself, with how he was acting, and what he was thinking about himself, which was displaying lower value being insecure. So, never give the chick the higher value or worry about what she thinks of you. When you display higher value, not acting insecure, not worrying about what she thinks about you, and making her qualify herself to you, you will have lots of success with women.

The true key to being a successful man is being happy, that is correct. If you're not happy and enjoying life, you're not much of a success. You have failed in that area, and all the achievements you have accomplished have gone to waste. You don't have to be a rich CEO with the most beautiful women to be a success. As long as you have a good job, have some social status, doing well. and are happy with what you do, that is being a success because you have achieved what you intended to accomplish in each area of your life.

Working hard at whatever you plan to become in life, is what you should be focusing on, and not let anybody distract you, or allow you not to obtain that goal. You need to put yourself first, so you can start to achieve your desired goal whatever it may be. If women, friends, family, poor mental thinking, try to get in the way, don't let them or it do that, this is your life, your goals, you should enter with a clear mind and put yourself first to achieve them , because if you don't, you never will, Don't think for a minute that somebody else would do the same for you, they want to be successful too, and they wouldn't let you stand in the way either, so don't let them.

Another factor in being successful, is your mind and how you think. That is the main reason why guys either make it or they fail. Positive, ambitious, optimistic men always come out ahead and obtain what they want. When you start thinking negative, feeling nervous, doubting yourself, you are doomed for failure in every area of life. You can't fully become that man of greatness with all those mental blocks full of negativity or insecurity. To be a winner, you need to break out of that pessimistic mold, take charge, and be in control of your desired goals because nobody can do them for you. They might be able to help you, but they cant do it for you, that is your job. That is why you need to focus with a positive mind and get a strong inner game. Not only wiil that help you with women, but it will help you in your career, you goals, and will improve you as a man. Without having that first, you won't become much of a success with anything, because you are holding yourself back.

So, by focusing on yourself first, being happy with your life, obtaining your goals with nobody holding you back, working hard at what you want to become, thinking positive and being ambitious , not reinforcing negative thoughts in your mind, being in control and in charge of your life, not worrying about what others think about you, indeed you will achieve success, and most likely in all areas of your life.

Remember guys, women will come and go throughout your life, they can always be replaced. But it is you that should always focus on being successful in every aspect of your life, because being happy and putting yourself first is what makes you a definite success and what your life should be all about.