Friday, January 29, 2010

Been Busy

I have been busy for few days,
Din even got the time to blogz.

ANyway will update soon : )

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Studdd all the day

I'm deadly awake now !
just came back from outside..
now ardy 7am...i was hanging out with my fellow bro at eckywoobe drinking drinking.
and before that i went to my car club gathering at jaya one.
anyway enjoying playing the ps3 rock band at midnight.
freaking awesomeeeeee !!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Round n round of the day

today nothing special, i wannna write out.
juz stay inside the hse for the whole days..
bored sighhh !!!

But luckily at night i went back PJ there are some event for me to follow
im just think about the one i want .
i saw her today at maison : )
bt it's the past.
My lil sis was there too..Huggies*
so jz looking forward

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just a bored day at home again

Nothing much for today,
im staying at home the whole day
without going out.
and now i still at home

blogz no point

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Home warmest

Wokeup in the morning saw my mum smile face ! sweets enough <3

Fetching her to bank,then i came back home straightly bring my brother for lunch
i was stoning after rch home nth to do for me.

till night i bring my bro & sis to ate western food : )

myself ate steamboat there with my frenz..

tats all for today.
bored bloggezzz

Monday, January 18, 2010

HellO'z night GHost

Last9 was a tiring day for me.
finished my class at 5pm
straightly chaoing to finish up my car tinted

after done every thing was 11pm


cannot tahan lar.
i told my self not eat so late but hungry for me.
so i went out makan..

i guess nwdays my night life getting less ler.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just about today

Early early woke up send my bro to class.
around 9.45am and rch home around 11.30am
i was stoning the whole day at home by laying on the floor like a dead man !

Rch around 6.30pm i ate home cook bah ku teh..and fetch my aunty back to sg.buloh.
huhu.. while tat im waiting my bro linus call me out to laundry hang out.

just a bored waiting at home.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pig As usual

Woke up at 4pm.. straightly started my poker : )haha
while in the middle of the time i was watching football alone.

wait till late night 6.30pm Dicson'z bro called me to genting.
So i have no plan on the night.
straightly go only o.
By the way,i was play the basketball shooting for 45mint..haha.
Make it fast to up-hill n make is fast down hill
by draging huuuuu..i nvr drove like tat crazy b4...

btw after walk around 1st world for few hour, then we started to chao
back.. while half way going back we stopped at gotong jaya having Prawn mee section : )

till clock turn 2.30am we chaoing lorr....
Like that counted as a day ardy

Friday, January 15, 2010

Family day : )

Today woke up deadly around 2pm n packing all my stuff chao-ing from PJ
before that i stopped by to Vicky hse past her the Photoshop CD
she wanted to install to her MacBook.

while 4pm i rched my hometown straightly went out with my mum to the new hse.
After chilling awhile at the new hse, i went back home straightly sleep for awhile.

7pm here comes getting ready to grandma b'day dinner..huhu
was very full n drink quite lots...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Speechless days

For today i have nothing much to talk bout it.

Nth special for me to share !
just at home : )

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Getting back up!

1 > 2 > 3
got a calls from friends that wanna hang out for night plan.
goshhh... tot going out for lunch..
1pm went lunch with my roomates kALVIN, then chao-ing to SS3 buy chairs.
rch home having a short FB. then i chaoing to Sunway look after my stuff ! uhuu..

while , i was damd bored on the time, came home have a short nap..
till late night. Went out with PAT n Ivan to sEapark snooker...
huhu.. finish up every thing around 10.20pm

came back home bath n chaoing out to Cheras having a drink with
Ivan n Linus..
we are damd damd talkative ..
talk bout the whole world.

ended up sleep now
badly post for today

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tik-tok days


today went out with April and Vicky to midvalley having my chit chat season in there!
Long time no c, but she changed a lots.. finally April'z paid for today meals! !
got shocked !

anyway we went 1utama, until there.. April bump up with her frenz tat so call lengzai.
so she jz put me n vicky away..

anyway after clock turned 10pm ...i chao-ing from laundry bar with Linus,Allen,Dicson,Patt,Ivan and JunMin... we went there having out drink..
huhuuu,, cost dy RM330 haha! but anyway how we went for second round to Sactuary having our drinks there...

while at tat time i bump up with simon n andrew..

tik tok tik tok until
2am i chao-ing coz need to fetch Vicky home's..

after sending Vicky homes i went over to OUG ate porridge with them..

n now juz rch home..4am...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Nicety day for me : )

Open my eyes at 10am went out having my breakfast with mum
chaoing back to PJ...having my class. 1st day back to college
straightly go for 4hour class without stopping ! gossshhhh!!

but luckily happy lor. but heavy force to run home.
cz hungry..then went out tapao MCD!!hooohuuu

Then came back home ate.after finished my McD
having a short rest at home.
till 7.30pm got called from dicson we went out to JunMin house and go Bah Ku Teh :)
while eating bah ku teh.
We are discussing whr to go next..

finally every one make up their mind go for movie
we watched

Old Dogs Pictures, Images and Photos

funny hell..after finished my movie. we went oug have our drinks there!
after 2.30am i chaoing back home lor..
then hav a short drink with roomates kalvin..
drank Dewas 12yrs..huhu
and now getting in to my dream again.. : )

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cool dayz

Wuu!! today is my 1st time of 2010 woke up so early
haha! i wokeup since 9am.. went out having a nice nice curry mee that i din ate for few weeks dy..i just don't feel like eating too much nowdays ,cz due to some reason haha.

Anyway having a bored day at home also, facing stupid faller.
huhu..i also don't know wat to do. Beside that i was polishing my laptop.
haha...clean enough..

so till late night i got call's from frenz. going up genting having a nice nice supper with them.. Is quite tired for me to drove up there.
but seem all frenz suggested to go up ! so me too ! haha

anyway jz rch home 2.30am huhuu
luckily enough time for me to blog !haha
nights peoples!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I having a bad day last9..huhu
laptop broke down, + my charger i forgotten to take back.
today only i brought bek my charger! huh..

anyway for yesterday i went out to Simon's shops n do my car for awhile.
thn i got a call for my so call lover Miki... from 1utama.
after done my things i straightly went over to 1utama. having a drink with her.
between Janice was there too. :)

so after hangout almost 2 n half hour. i went back home having a short nap. coz tat time i was damd tiring huh!
some how i having my nap almost 1hour.
waiting for my buddies to call me out to drink..

time rch almost 10.30pm
ivan pang,linus,pat,mini and me gathering together to eckywoobe drink.
on our half way drinking Dicson n Daphne coming to join us too : )
huhu! anyway we just have our fun joke our there : )till 1.30am
then 2nd round we went snooker ! huhu

i guess 2.30am sharp i chao-ing from Kota Damansara to Hometown rawang
...tats for yesterday haha!!

for today nothing much ler..
went out tapao Laksa then fetch parents back to ipoh.
just reach ipoh i was taking my freak long nap at all the way till 5.30pm i awake myself n get ready to subang having my bro's bday! "BENPAUL"

in the freaking heavy rain all the way from Tg.Malim highway to Subang.
i meet up with vincent at damansara toll and we go together from the damansara!

In the jam jam jam jam time we chao-ing from there!
huhu...finally rch USJ at 7.30pm haha!
we are happy tat we aint late ! huhu
so sum how we ate our dinner there and
after the dinner we went John house watch movie !
time rocking till 11pm we chao-ing and ronda ronda at sunway area..nothing much to do lor.. huhu.. i chao-ing sharp 12am and rch hometown 12.40am..i speeding all the way back ! haha

now i time for me to take a break n have a good night

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Tired day for today! huh ! felt crazily tired after all.
woke up at 12PM, Felt like going out but then every one was working huhuu..
so no choice force to go out my self : )
nth much to do at 1st but then went Monster Garage sunway ..
find my friend Ah Wah, chit chat awhile..
till late noon came home wash my car...

after washing my car damd tired huhuuu.
straightly went bath and prepare to go arcade at 1utama.. :)
hhahahaa!! with pat

while we playing we started to discuss bout the Night plan.
we planning to go maison...
is my 1st day going back to club for this year 2010
happily..bump in many frenz there.
my housemate also there! haha

and few more frenz that we din met quite long ago : )

finally rch 3am i chao-ing my self from maison
to subang Canai yamcha with few frenz..
now ardy 5am going to bed soon :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Funny day!

Today is my 1st day back to college
but i felt so funny,coz i went in to the class tat subject i din't take :)
so however i straightly walked out from the class

chao-ing to ate dim sum

after dim sum i went Giant bought my daily uses stuff..
after rch home rest for an hour i went Tropicana City Mall alone.

Coming behind Dicson and Daphene
we watch together again


Avatar Pictures, Images and Photos

coming next we went ss2 ate our dinner..
after our dinner we went the curve sanctuary have a drink and chill out there
time almost 1.45am..
Dicson planned to genting gotong jaya ate prawn mee n dim sum

so i just ON !!

between i reach home at 4.30am

tmrw going sunway : )

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tired Days

Woke up at 3pm..think wanna go for Armani Exchange and Blvgari to buy something
while when i turn out from my house junction is quite jam dy.. and i changed my mind to Sunway Racing see and order audio system...

preparing to put 6k on the sound system.

after that went sunway pyramid alone walk walk n chill out there..
after that felt bored so went arcade to play Initial D 5
finally bump with Dickson Kor KOr !! haha
he teman me watch


it was damd funny ! haha ! after movie we straightly went back home lor.
nothing much to do.


Monday, January 4, 2010

My heart is Melting

Today woke up !! at 11am..straightly walk to college n get a new registration form.
HUHU !! another day for tomorrow..
after seattle up all my things i went down having my lunch alone.
anyway it's ok lar... haha
used to be ardy.
so nothing lor.

after makan, i went out to Ampang alone,c car bump up Miky a.k.a T-I 007.
after chill out almost 4hour at ampang i went back PJ.
haha! sienz till late night i went to Wong I-van house meet up with them.
ivan pang and wai loon are there too.

after chilling out for 2hour we went snooker at seapark..
huhu..playing lucky ... my day is so lucky..
won 3 nasi lemak ayam :p

anyway is all for today..
but my words of the day

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Packing day : )

Today woke up at 4pm is seriously damd tired till i can't awake early in the morning :)
today different lor.. mum awake me n called me to pack all my stuff nicely...
Packed in big beg ! most of the shirt all mess up dy.
After packing up, daniel's calling me to basketball huh..
go again..for my 3rd time basketball..haha

still fit to play on it...after basketball went bek home bath straightly hang out with my hmtnw frenz Ray,Yau,Daniel n Tonny.

Till almost 10.30pm i chao-ing from my hmtwn back to PJ
on the way back to PJ i miss all the way im driving bck coz i can feel that i will come bck home less dy. : (

But nvm la..finally rch 11.15pm.
put down all my stuff..n rushing to Original Kayu aman suria.
with all my Car team member : )

chit chat....blow blow water

chaooosss :) n now on the bed going to say good night : )

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A day to prepare

Today finally woke up lately but felt very happy
coz college is back ! haha
happy holiday is end n now happy college reopen

im back to school as usual,

Just normal la, woke up and pack all my stuff b4 going bck down to KL,
afterthat wash my car n having my lunch with kok yau
till late night.

Daniel calling me out to basketball..haha.
i've been few month din play basketball dy. but luckily my perform inside the game is still maintaining my basketball spirit!! haha

so jz fnsh up basketball straightly went out to hav my dinner with daniel's
Makan sotong butter rice n sambal sotong rice :)haha

then we went second round minum Tea OOO panas...
just rch home...''

lots of things to pack for tmrw :) haha

Friday, January 1, 2010

First day without bored moment

The first day of the day, i woke up at 2.30pm
sigh !! i guess i like dying on the bed haha!
nothing much to do lor. woke up went out makan n chit chat with frenz then i went to

basketball court Pictures, Images and Photos

until 8pm frenz calling me to The Mist club for free flow ! huh but luckily yesterday all clear ! haha

We went The Mist

s.o.s party at mist club bangsar Pictures, Images and Photos

Nothing much lor..chill out there see see cars...sienz!!!
i and my frenz planning go 2nd round of the night..
we went eckywoobe there drink drink ! RM35 buckss drink until stomache !
hahahaa!!! i guess time reach 3am i chaoing from eckywoobeee...
i guess i feeling damd good for the night !

Happy New Year <3

Happy New Year 2010

Just have a fun day and night. on 31/12/2009
which is the last day of 2009.

Morning mORNING
Woke up the first things i wish is ur msg that can told me u can go out with me on the night. After wash up i went out makan with my mum...
thn go out chill with few frenz discuss bout to9...
nothing much to chat la..just maison maison

Reach night time. i went picked up Jerry n Ah yau from their house n heading to maison. I was rushing straightly to KL coz i sked not enough time to rch my destination.

So just make it fast, haha..drove almost 190km/h !! goshhh!!! thn meet up n convoy to maison from Jinjang.

Almost 10.30pm we rch maison...
meet up with KL frenz, Ivan pang and Wong i-van.lastly came 3 more frenz..
Linus,Simon and Marcus..

We are counting down frm 11.30pm !!

>>>>>>>>>>>>> NOW WHAT ???????

DJ shout out !! 10 > 9 > 8 > 7 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 2 > 1





Finished the countdown !

Now we begin the new chapter of the day :)

1 / 1 / 2010


New Year Look !!


Enjoyable Night


Moment of the night !

The new day ! n early in the morning 4am
we went KAKA bah ku teh kepong ate Bah Ku Teh !
wow!! is seriously damd full man!!
haha! after ate straightly chaozzz bek home oi oi !!!

Special message to the one <3

I wish you have a happiness day in ur life and be the great one. Some day i hope being up with u together.New chapter of the year. I wish that i can fill u in my page
"All i need to say is I LOVE YOU"

Take care ^.^

Wish all the people around me HappyNewYear <3