Saturday, May 23, 2009

Holly Days

Not in a good mood as well..chilllinnnn for da mood
maybe to many things to do and havent done yet so feel very stress at all.
between nevermind la, i can do it.. as i said "nvr giv up"no matter wat ppl said.
we jz do our best to help our self in the darkness...
I can smile without anything,but i just hope every things goes well for me.
I do wat i like to do, in wat way of doing is depends on myself..^^

Friday, May 22, 2009

Hot and Cold

I have been thinking wanna move out to find my own room,it's very complicated between my relationship with my roomates. Some say so, i and him is a different ppl.example he always need ppl to entertain but me different like to stay alone n quiet.
first of all i just dislike the way he talk to me or i asking him question... the way he respond. Everyone know he did good but makesure good in a nice way without looking ppl down. Got a bad temper on him is tat. Not just me will felt that type of feeling, consider most of the classmates felt tat,cz sometimes the words that came out from him is too over. Sometimes i wanna call him changes the way he spoke but all the way he think him self is the right wan so....
Anyway i just don't know why he like tat maybe i move out will be more better..he can get more choices to find the right ppl as he wants. "SORRY KALVIN" tell u the truth so that i can share out all the expression all over here. Hope u can change ur talking way to all classmates especially me "im ur roomates" and make sure don't gave us a bad habbit tat look down us. Here are the words that i don't like some times " LIN Ahh"and "han zhi" coz it's sounds weird like " looking down ppl "for me i felt tat u looking down me as well,maybe u nt me u cant feel it but if u try to think bek watever u said or ask i replied back with "Lin ah"or"han zi"how u feel??.izit felt like ppl looking down u. Just like today about the cigratees,the way u call and straightly shoot me with "Lin Gun Ni Ah why got cigatress in my room" ur sounds and way of talking like i throw ur face out.wth.. anything goes wrong just call and talk nicely.Don't call and straightly shoot out with bad words,im a human also,think ppl expression.dont always think urself n without thinking ppl mind was thinking wat. Usually all the time u asking me question i will answer u in proper way even some things that wont happen but i jz giv u a nice answer, i hope that u can chaged it well.I know u r the best.We can't do more than u do,
I just don't wanna lost a friendship with you so that i tell u all the way through here,

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm back on my style

Here am i back to the style..
im back to happy mood..
the past all has gone.
now i felt that im the one tat can stand on top of everything.
No love in my life. but it just waiting for the one i wan .
she will nvr appear until the day i step in to her world.
wait the time comes.. i wish tat someone the love me can find her own way out frm my world, "pls don't waste ur time on me" i wont accept or gave a chances back again.
I wish tat u can find the one u really love.I'm not worth at all.Just stay on ur own world without asking me a chance.. I keep n took it back the chances that i have given to u. Don't ask me question anymore. Look forward to the future.

eDDie back on his style without looking and thinking back the sad story..
I will start my new chapter onward !

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Mind Is Getting Complicated

I don't know why, all those stupid dirty things keep turning inside my mind.
i try to put it away but it's hard .
2 weeks ardy straightly i keep thinking on it.
i try n try nt to think so much, but cant
pls help me pls help me.
if nt i gonna die soon...
keep going on wit this kind of daily life...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chill For The bad mood

Im seriously tiring from every single moment and im hate of the stupid things tat happened around beside me. For me i've been thinking how to turn my myself in the darkness world, How ? .... i found my answer. Things tat spoken out from ppls somethings we felt tat they are blaming us on the way they said something.
For me as well dont said whatever that i don't like. Just don't learnt everything bad i hate it so much. Until today no one knows what i want and what am i thinking of it.Even my best frenz Kalvin also can't notice that what am i thinking. No one will know wat im thinking nowdays. Hopefully everythings goes well soon,

For yesterday im very happy tat can celebrate mothers days with the whole family gathering together and have a nice dinner. Mother " IM HERE TO THX FOR EVERYTHING THAT U HAVE DONE N GAVE TO ME, IM SRY FOR THE THINGS TAT I HAVE DONE WRONGLY " hopefully u enjoy this year mother days.

Walk slowly n following step by step
No Thinking the negative ways to start a journey
Looking forward for every single moment.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Waiting and promised will come over to Aussie

Today im very happy tat one of my fren n she is the one i like frm the day i know her,but sadly she went overseas ardy however i wont give up my step to meet her up at Aussie, i will try my best to make my hope n dream up to study with her at the same University...i wish that i could be with you. Miss u always n u r making my mind bright.