Sunday, January 3, 2010

Packing day : )

Today woke up at 4pm is seriously damd tired till i can't awake early in the morning :)
today different lor.. mum awake me n called me to pack all my stuff nicely...
Packed in big beg ! most of the shirt all mess up dy.
After packing up, daniel's calling me to basketball huh..
go again..for my 3rd time basketball..haha

still fit to play on it...after basketball went bek home bath straightly hang out with my hmtnw frenz Ray,Yau,Daniel n Tonny.

Till almost 10.30pm i chao-ing from my hmtwn back to PJ
on the way back to PJ i miss all the way im driving bck coz i can feel that i will come bck home less dy. : (

But nvm la..finally rch 11.15pm.
put down all my stuff..n rushing to Original Kayu aman suria.
with all my Car team member : )

chit chat....blow blow water

chaooosss :) n now on the bed going to say good night : )