Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm just asking n knowing for once

Everything begin in way of life is kinda weird for these days, but i do try to treat it in the best way ! Is already know for truth maybe just accept it but i do really sigh! i don't wat to say. Please don't mess me young boys, i don't really wanna play and game around with it but please don't force me. coz im just respecting her as well.
i never do things that feel bad to her after once but times time i do really in the serious way. so please don't disturb me n my way.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

We might share together

What a nice day again but quite hot :) i'm done with my job.
ever since my self turn to other me,i felt there is many things have changed and i been protecting myself from others ppl to get to knw me. I'm a sticky person but while its very hard for this moment. I'm waiting and waiting day after day..
i might be having some bored day without you someday but i keen to have a happy moment toward you.
The day i will be leaving you, i guess its the day i'm down..but for life i should be doing on my own way, for love i might be doing together with you.some how is quite complicated on your side but i don't feel any painless on it because i swear before for all the promised. it could never ever break it. till one day u leave me, the broken heart will following you all over with you. because we have our day with colorful memories.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Preparing for the next happy day

In this moment i feels what i felt in the right one. I hopefully is a best secure for my entire life : )
Whenever i awake or sleep i just need u be my side <3

As well woke up in the morning i'm just too rush to prepare and getting over to the cake shop to take the "kayang kok" that's my hometown most famous cake.

actually i tot bring someone to desapark city for a walk and see dogs but she felt lazy to walk so i'm just going for another places. haha
soon while after we've a short walk we decided to go over Kepong manjalara to have our steamboat night, it's quite fun on that night with fully laughing voice through bro patt and william.haha

so whenever we finish our chatting session i sending my sweet one back : )

tats wat a short daily life <3

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A day with a smile

Woke up early in the morning go get my car, the 1st things i think is find u.
haha: ) anyway how i really got the chances to find u, haha
Fruits days and hokkien mee <3 wat a nice day enjoying buying fruits at market and eat eat hokkien with biii biii parents : ) although is too much but they do finished it the next day. haha happy happy 2nd day i woke up, thinking bi bi said that she wanna watch movie, i fai fai bring my car to tint and ftch her to movie. wat movie we watch ! here we goes ! the "night mare on elm street" WE BOTH GEH SHOCKED !! hehe,but we do enjoy the movie till the end <3 Photobucket

after the movie we went over myvistreet TT at aman suria having some supper then ftch princess back o..

we met police block but we escape it : ) haha

wat a nice day <3

i hope that coming more and more days we can get more happy n happier