Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Funny day!

Today is my 1st day back to college
but i felt so funny,coz i went in to the class tat subject i din't take :)
so however i straightly walked out from the class

chao-ing to ate dim sum

after dim sum i went Giant bought my daily uses stuff..
after rch home rest for an hour i went Tropicana City Mall alone.

Coming behind Dicson and Daphene
we watch together again


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coming next we went ss2 ate our dinner..
after our dinner we went the curve sanctuary have a drink and chill out there
time almost 1.45am..
Dicson planned to genting gotong jaya ate prawn mee n dim sum

so i just ON !!

between i reach home at 4.30am

tmrw going sunway : )


Jake said...

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