Sunday, March 9, 2014

2014 always looking forward to be the best of my life

Well people, here u go. the second time i visiting France. All i wanted for my second time visiting france is with my love one. I have made a very special promise to my self on the Eiffel Tower on my first visit i will bring her there. Somehow there are some incident happened just few months back, We are officially broke up from our 4years relationships just like that. Nobody wanna be that hard. I got no Choice to face the problem anymore but i do still love her still care for here. I wish she could feel the way i treating her all the time. I hv spend all my time towards her, whatever she wants all i try to do my best to gave her. Even there are few times i was lack of cash on my wallet. She needed one of the cosmetic remover which called Sheumara that cost RM380, i try my best to lent from my friends to gave her. Its not easy to say no for me, but however things she want i always find a way to gave her. Now she is not with me anymore. I have put my self in the highest destination that i wanted to travel so badly. Here am i today. Standing infront of this Tower. Alone again. Is this considered we don't have fate or what ? i really confusing. If one person willing to change because of you they will always find a way to do it. If people asked me why i broke up with her. The reason is simple, BECAUSE I NOT GOOD ENOUGH CAN'T BE THE PERFECT ONE. That's me. Well i will everything going to fine soon. As well i have bought my very first house at DAMANSARA, it cost 720K. On my ages of 25. I started to go for the next level of my career.