Saturday, January 9, 2010


I having a bad day last9..huhu
laptop broke down, + my charger i forgotten to take back.
today only i brought bek my charger! huh..

anyway for yesterday i went out to Simon's shops n do my car for awhile.
thn i got a call for my so call lover Miki... from 1utama.
after done my things i straightly went over to 1utama. having a drink with her.
between Janice was there too. :)

so after hangout almost 2 n half hour. i went back home having a short nap. coz tat time i was damd tiring huh!
some how i having my nap almost 1hour.
waiting for my buddies to call me out to drink..

time rch almost 10.30pm
ivan pang,linus,pat,mini and me gathering together to eckywoobe drink.
on our half way drinking Dicson n Daphne coming to join us too : )
huhu! anyway we just have our fun joke our there : )till 1.30am
then 2nd round we went snooker ! huhu

i guess 2.30am sharp i chao-ing from Kota Damansara to Hometown rawang
...tats for yesterday haha!!

for today nothing much ler..
went out tapao Laksa then fetch parents back to ipoh.
just reach ipoh i was taking my freak long nap at all the way till 5.30pm i awake myself n get ready to subang having my bro's bday! "BENPAUL"

in the freaking heavy rain all the way from Tg.Malim highway to Subang.
i meet up with vincent at damansara toll and we go together from the damansara!

In the jam jam jam jam time we chao-ing from there!
huhu...finally rch USJ at 7.30pm haha!
we are happy tat we aint late ! huhu
so sum how we ate our dinner there and
after the dinner we went John house watch movie !
time rocking till 11pm we chao-ing and ronda ronda at sunway area..nothing much to do lor.. huhu.. i chao-ing sharp 12am and rch hometown 12.40am..i speeding all the way back ! haha

now i time for me to take a break n have a good night