Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I love the way u treat me but somehow

I back to my blog seem i been up together with the one i love for 6mth but our love sign is still hidding behind the scene,but somehow the love that showed across the world is high,day after day i feel my self is like being empty because i'm leaving for a year,within that year i'm still wondering how could u be.

all the times come u giving me a very big confident but somehow ur ears n heart will turn a lil bit when u r out there seriously, is not from my feeling is from the way u doing ur self. the moment u being stepped in the club u are very good but after a few cups of drink ur mind is turning...thats what i'm wondering.

As well the time im not in malaysia for jz a week, u like wanted to go out or club as well i said not to go sometimes but u keen wanted to go..somehow i know u r those hard to listen to ppl advice girl. i being ur boyfriend just wanted you to know that i love you and not to hope u turn to another feeling and looked at me..tats all.
the 1st time i met u is like a very perfect one.

withing this month n the rest of the day i wanted u to listen my advice even im not in malaysia. Somehow u still got the heart to show me from far away