Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sadness Days

Sadness come once again today because of my dearest cant really talk on the phone. I might be going down to KL once again to c her tmrw. because she is not really well... sorry dearest.. hope u can recover ur sickness as fast as possible ya.. after only we go hav a special day of x-mas... ok??

today i cant really type because im really sad nw..sry dearest
love vonzo..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Day 5 Sadness Will Never Erase In My Heart

8am in the morning today my dad txt me and let me know, my grandd po has passed away peacefuly. That time i was still on the bed, i tot it was a dream i wanna push it away but at last it's seriously happen. I also dunno why god keep her back so fast. She was 100yrs old... everyone also hope that they will stay alive forever but all of our heart beat and life will depands on god. Time never wait us till the dead line.

Beside that i was missing my dearest yesterday i freaking miss her much until i wait her call until 2am... That time she ardy turn pig on the living room with her brother.. WoW... Piggiiieeee...hahahaaaa

so maybe today is my worsty blog i ever write...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 4 The SadnEss n The Happiness

Even im headache now, i still can write what i wanna write...and what i wanna say it out..Today i a wonderful day for me, once again thx q to Lim Yee Von that invited me to her prom night. I appreciate tis moment and i also share all my happiness to all her friends especially her bro Boon Chun, He is quite nice and good .. beside that today is the sadness for me and boon chun.. Bro,we share together ya. Both of us also Have a big problem on Love,but we know that we are maybe a failure guy ever to a gurl. Girls always the one who choose the road, but we don't need to care bout that because if one day we can really stand high.. sure they will regret... 

Lim yee von,  EDDIE LEE here to tell you. no matter what happen you must let me know, because love is together and we share with one heart. Today i really felt that you hav secret that cant show to me. because when the time i wanna take ur phone u r trying to ignore me. im really sad that time. i dont why the feels suddenly down. Thats y i keep drinking there. Between that i also dont know why when the time i wanna lent ur phone u trying to push me away. Just like sumthing bad will happen after seeing ur phone. I really hope that i wont be like ur brother case.. i really cant tahan when i saw ur brother turn moody and keep talking bout mei ling. really sad u know. From ur eyes n heart u try to think properly why i wan to make sure u r in love tightly with me.... enough for today ... hope u will awake ur mind. don't keep secret between us. Take care " Sad " day !!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day 3 Bored day staying alone at home

Third day of writing blog, just felt there are many things that i can't spread it out. Beside that i really don't know what to do today. So boring staying at home. Between that my dearest is watching tv at home and put me aside of it,but then never mind coz i never except so much. Today i also went to Sungai Wang with Tonny and Jerry. We enjoy shopping over there beside eating we also enjoy buy shirt there. I think all the shirt there is not really ngam me..hehe. cz its quite "lala"

After buying we walked over to Time square, on the way i walk to Time Square i saw a gurl falling down from the stairs maybe she saw me lengzai..haha.. but not my cup of tea.. Got girlfriend ardy dont think so much.wakkaaa...Just love Vonzo

Every night i have been thinking of my dearest.I'm thinking " When she will change" to stay with me sweetly in every moment.  I already promised that never drop a tears anymore but i failed to do it because when i started to think about her i will cried at the corner and asked my self  "What to do and How" i gonna change her life. Sometimes i wanna tell her something important but she seem like don't really wanna listen on it , So i just leave it behind.. I felt that very heavy to carry a big things behind of me. Huh.. It's already been 1 year relation i think every enough until today. Maybe the love i give to her in not good enough. She also say sorry to me that she treated me so cold this 2 days. In my heart i just keep her as the one and i just wanna noe do i really count the 1st for her.. Dearest maybe this year X-mas and New year will be the last time we spent our sweetness together. I don't know why i felt that i can't being with you anymore, somethings started to change our mind. If the day u leave me, maybe the day will the the last time u c me and listen to my voice in front of you. This year i hav been counted the whole day long to get the sweetest for you. Hope you know what i'm think now. 

Monday, December 8, 2008

Something Freaking Shit Happening

Day just past like a wind. Im staying at home the whole days playing with my itouch ,it quite happy staying at home,can company mum and bro,sis,dad chit-chat. I'm quite happy to see them. Today early in the morning when i woke up i straightly call my dearest and she was on her way to Sunway shopping. After i ended up the call i straightly turn on my i touch and play game. until afternoon i mum came back from popo and bring us to kepong ate steamboat. After that i came back to PJ alone. Already 2days straight i slept alone.huh . but today i really can't tahan a freaking jerky guy that txt me using fucking unpolite words. I hate people blame me and i hate people lying me. I cant even think tats will happen so badly. One day it will happen again. I will never forgive u dumb ass.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Day 1 Once again falling

Today i once again falling inside the dark world, until today i can't really know my dearest well. Maybe love is gone out of the shape,The 1st time she love me is very big different, until today i can started to feel the love is gone. Time after time. I'm trying to give her the sweetness but it didn't work also. I hope that when you can't seat properly with me and try to think out with me how to give each other more sweetness. I have been thinking how to give you more love but you just pretend like normal,sometimes i trying to give you happiness and i like getting worst. I admit that i'm a failure guy that ever make you sad. Hope that you can set me out of you heart after this year. I don't wanna to have this kind of relationship anymore. It's like making you more sad. Even sometimes i really hate that people call you at the night, why can't you just avoid the call. I can put my friends away call or put away all the girl call and sms to me, The one you wan i be,i ardy did it very seriously. Until today i din even lie to you and going out with friends or any girl. Even i really less friends i don't mind the important for me is you between that i also din even contact a girl using my phone. I SWEAR TO GOD" I can felt that i make a big changed because of you but you seem like nothing and normal. When the time i say you, you will started emo there..actually i really don't like but i just keep my self don't and think the bad ways and finally i can make it. From the day we together until today i din even scold u like mad people and beat you like a crazy man because i know that i love you much. Maybe after this you will never get hurt again when you set me free. All the answer on my heart is all for you. When you reading this blog you will feel why my heart always staying with you. I hope you can find the one you really love and care you. I EDDIE LEE FAILED TO LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU WANT. sorry to you.