Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just Alone-Ly Day

Comes again holiday !
Life going happy and happy! Sometimes even sad i can stand back up to smile!
haha! Anyway i missed yesterday blog! huhuuu!


I woke up early in the morning go for my 10am class, wat a nice day hanging out with Benpaul and Vincent, we go around KL area see car stuff! haha! i jz went thr and install my lil meter! tats all..
by that time i go over to puchong get the neon for my frenz and on tat time , i meet up Dickson and Alan Tan at Station 1 , we yamcha awhile...
when yam cha half way, i received a msg frm her that she told me,she was alone at T.S kena ffk by her frenz,
so i have to go over there with my blur and sleepy face ^^
actually im very tired on tat night but i still hanging out at setapak with my ex classmate, around 1am i started to chaozz frm setapak...bek to PJ..
tats what a bored dayyy

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Monday

Wat a nice day today goin out to 1u meet up with April, she makes me feel very happy in these days, everything we do all is very Happening such as club, eat , shop ^^ haha..
i kinda like this kind of life.
but today looks abit pai seh, going eat with my parents with April. She looks shy =) but nvm la cz im there with her..^^ after eating we went to Vincent house hav a look,
after that we go for movie,btw that on the way to movie,i kena block by JPJ bcz of to loud on my exhaust. but nvm la, saman thn saman. I dun feel heart breaking bcz of that saman, i jz feel very happy tats all, " someone that always beside me "

time time tooooo sleepppp

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm back to My New Happy Life

I'm so sorry to everyone that reads my blog, i seldom update it.So finally my mood are back after i crush with my gf MaySee a months ago.
and now their one gurl came behind me, that i know her very long time ago but no chance to met her up,but now the god gave me a chance to get to know her well.

I never knew that i met her 22th that day at Clubbing night,after that we took the 1st pic personally. I was just felt very happy on it. anyway too many ppl around seem hate her after,they know she knew me. but for that i will do her a special favour, no body can do it. Maybe it seem abit complicated between her life and my life,but we try to concern each other well. The whole week we been going out the whole day even day and night she is just beside me, and i will never forget the day i her mum's cook for me a nice dinner and i also thanks to her parents that bring me to Pavillion Kampachi ate a nice dinner.i hope fully i got the chance to eat with her parents again.^^

special msg to u "April "

Hope u enjoy the whole weeks with me,
Thanks for entertain me,