Monday, January 11, 2010

Nicety day for me : )

Open my eyes at 10am went out having my breakfast with mum
chaoing back to PJ...having my class. 1st day back to college
straightly go for 4hour class without stopping ! gossshhhh!!

but luckily happy lor. but heavy force to run home.
cz hungry..then went out tapao MCD!!hooohuuu

Then came back home ate.after finished my McD
having a short rest at home.
till 7.30pm got called from dicson we went out to JunMin house and go Bah Ku Teh :)
while eating bah ku teh.
We are discussing whr to go next..

finally every one make up their mind go for movie
we watched

Old Dogs Pictures, Images and Photos

funny hell..after finished my movie. we went oug have our drinks there!
after 2.30am i chaoing back home lor..
then hav a short drink with roomates kalvin..
drank Dewas 12yrs..huhu
and now getting in to my dream again.. : )