Saturday, January 2, 2010

A day to prepare

Today finally woke up lately but felt very happy
coz college is back ! haha
happy holiday is end n now happy college reopen

im back to school as usual,

Just normal la, woke up and pack all my stuff b4 going bck down to KL,
afterthat wash my car n having my lunch with kok yau
till late night.

Daniel calling me out to basketball..haha.
i've been few month din play basketball dy. but luckily my perform inside the game is still maintaining my basketball spirit!! haha

so jz fnsh up basketball straightly went out to hav my dinner with daniel's
Makan sotong butter rice n sambal sotong rice :)haha

then we went second round minum Tea OOO panas...
just rch home...''

lots of things to pack for tmrw :) haha