Thursday, April 23, 2009

What a bad day again

Today was a bad day for me again,bcz my ex called me and keep asking me the question that i dun really wanna answer from now on.It pretty fuck up! i dont even lik ppl to ask me question that i do nt wanna answer. I my life i jz need to let myself do whatever i wanna do and i dont really lik ppl to stopping me to do what i wanna do, No one can stop me, I choose the way i walk. i dont like ppl to care more bout me,
as i know n mention one year ago. Things that ardy happened pls dont think back if not it will be more complicated n stressfull. Rmber dont force out of my way to do things that i dont lik to do. i mean it n i will do it, actually my life is a very simple life , is just that no body can feel it. Tats why.
Im goin back to my single life. i felt more much better

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Time PAst like a wind

Days comes vry fast,it jz like a wind blew jz thinking wat to do after this,in this time no matter wat happen i wont be the who go 1st bcz my type is abit is gone,my life seem very lonely but im happy with cz im full of freedom... If money comes for love i think it better go hell more than stepped in the lovely world.. Until my mood is down.nth much to say.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Not goin to ask once again

Woke up early in da morning went to 30minutes classes..tat bring me bored lik hell..
haizz... jz after class i went dinner with all my classmates at Choy Kee,after makan i straightly went to my friend house to stay thr for awhile. It's really very tired on it.. damd it..
oh ya forgotten ardy. Today i went Mitra House before i coming back to hometown.
Long Time didn't drank Black Label dy! Its lik killing my throat ! burning me! grrr! but nvm la, i jz drank 3 cups of it enough..straightly 180 dragginnggg bek to hometown.
wowww!! 25mint rch hm from kepong ! wat a fastest record i ever been !!!

Now is time to sleep n Goin waterfall tmrw!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tired Days

Just woke at 11am felt that everything goes wrongly with the timetable,when 8 in the morning i woke up and look around n its look quiet n my phone din even rang on it, then i jz sleep bek on it,after 3hours i woke up again and felt that everythings goes wrong seriously, i straightly sms my frenz Ben.. then he told the class jz ended. Goshh!! im freaking headache on that time. I skipped the class. Luckily 1 more classes i can go for it. it is VB class.. huh! Felt sry to my teacher. beside i went out to hav my lunch wit my ex-driver Kumar at Subaidah at Kota Damansara after class..spent rm10 bucks for the lunch.. omg! it was 2hour partime money man !! =,=

After came back from K.D i straightly wash my hottiessss... Dirty as well..
whn every things done, i take a short nap n go for my dinner, after eating came back and do my TE 2 assignment and do some stat work ... 

finally now my whole body getting weak!!! auchhhh!! pain !!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Night

Im staying in the sickening days wit full of bad mood. cz my stomach BOMBMING me!! gosshhh!
Hate so much, This morning is the 1st sunday i went out took my breakfast wit my whole family!
cool n happy but sadly my stomach kills me " cant eat anything " im feeling better at noon time after taken some pills. here comes the night time i receive 1 msg from an unknow number tat sending me chinese words wit " Rmber c doctor if u still havent recover " i was shock and i also dunno who are the one given out my number to her....
but nevermind its ok for it. i dont mind to hav 1 more friend..
Till 12am its ardy counted as monday 13April,one of my frenz Suki's called me and chat wit me. btw tat we jz chat bout our daily life n working days.. As for me is like "Money comes hardly n goes easily " huhuuuuu..better save it! after the call i straight ran on my bed and sleep! it a very lifeless days for me !! sigh!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Getting tis Car On my streets

Today i got a call by a Car seller that asking me.
"ur parents asking u to choose one of this 2 cars"
i was shock on it.bcz tat day they asking me to change my car but i said i dont want.
then i dont wat happened around n suddenly got a call for a car seller !
OMG!! shockkkeeddd !!! wheweeeee!!!!

Honda CiviC 2.0 or Type-R
Honda Integra DC5 Type-R

i will either choose 1 of it.but im think whr to put my current car myvi tat i hav mod many stuff on it!! huh..

I'm back for my bloggerr!!!

This time im back to write my blog..and they're many things changing around..especially my relationship wit my gf..we broke up since first of march. im sorry bout tat. All the day hurting her. Maybe i felt tat im nt good enough for her,but she jz keep asking me to back into her heart, not jz once but many times until i felt that its really "NO MEANING" at all.

All the way out to from my heart
Message to Vonzo"x"

For all of the time we spent together, will never return to the day we started our journey.
i ardy been thinking for 2month . it not really worth to for u to wait me and its really no use at all to let u stop me by goin back to my own world. Before i step out from ur heart i ardy make my decision properly. and its really no point for u n me to stay together in tis type of relation.
I hope tat u can find the one u really love and keep ur self happy. Im no longer here for u anymore. Trust me. Be urself n hav a nice day "
take care.

I will stay far away from you onward,