Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best day n night chill out with you

Just reach home, 1.30am :)
Today i abit special for me haha !! because i met up the one i wanna meet.

Ok lar..start abit for today noon ! i woke up early in the morning 9.30am wash my car and went down to selayang Vincent Chua house to meet him and another friend Ah Tan, We all met up at Vincent hse and heading to Aman puri do his car. Well Well, i don't have the feeling of moding cars ardy.. Bumper also don't know how to open dy ..susah ! haha
anyway i chill with them while waiting Miki Ho to finish up his work at Seksyen 16 PJ,
i went over to her office to fetch her, haha.

This 1st thing i saw straightly and happy is, the polo-T i bought for her, she is wearing :) haha " Happy to see it "

anyway after fetching her,i went 1 utama with her, she meet up her frenz i go over meet up my frenz. in that moment i walking with my frenz suddenly saw a showcar over there..huhu...

It's a fairlady 370'z woow!! cool man ! i seat inside it n test n nice.but too bad i don't feel want it bcz too pack dy. hahaa

So clocks turn almost 9.55pm...Miki started to call me..." I'M ALONE NOW "
okies, i straightly walked over to old wing find her..
then we straightly go bck to car park get our car n decide to eat at SS2 murni.

wat a fullllll dinner for both of us.

Dinner done dy, her frenz calling to sent all the document to them at Jalan Ipoh..
then i fetch her all the way to Jalan Ipoh from SS2, put down her stuff n we went maison for New year eve payment :) hahahaa

time round and round finally rch her house 12.45am..

i put her down n went bck hmtwn. Beside that i got a special message for u MIKI HO


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stone+ing at home again

Nothing special for today :) woke up at 2pm
Straightly went to tapao food for dad !
afterthat going bck grandpa hse awhile.
at the moment nth much to do lor, jz playing poker : )

Rch out night,went pasar malam with 2 frenz
Raymond n Yau

After pasar malam we went 2nd round yamcha at other place to discuss for 31/12/2009 "New year eve"huhhuuu...They talking bout the countdown for 2010 !! but I'm not in their topic. I have no plan on that day actually but I only got 1 special plan for myself that i Wish and Hope she can be with me on that day, i just wanna meet her on that day but she is not free to be with me on that day i guess so anyway how i just try to find my own plan for this year new eve :)

Special message to her

Finally reach home jor n now i just seated down in front my pc designing one sticker to my car felt bored so juz simply design 1 sticker put on my car and see nice a not : )

here it is :) hahahahaha ( Special design by my self )


ops late dy ler..still listening to "WHAT Cha Say" and "Two is better than one"
once again " I MISS YOU BADLY "

Monday, December 28, 2009

Good day for me "Genting *

Today can counted as a normal day for me, coz i woke up lately around 2.30pm
and online for 1hour and straightly went out to my new hse area hav a look at the house.

After awhile chill out at the new hse i went to my frenz rim's shops do my car rims and add on spacer.: )

Teng Teng !!!!

staying at my frenz shop about 2hour after that we started to discuss to9 plan.
however i jz felt bored at home. so i call my brother together went up to genting
watch avatar.

Avatar Pictures, Images and Photos

While on the way im walking inside the first world hotel. I saw 2 of my frenz.
Mei San and Carmen...the world is so so so small....

fnsh up movie i straightly went to arcade play INITIAL D 5 and basketball..
huh..won all the yellow ticket me alone won dy almost 1250...but i gave to ppl dy.
cz i don't feel changing anything.. :)

so tats only for today lor : )

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A very good sunday

Another bored day again. Just woke up at 4pm. I was shocked that i woke up lately.
Just felt bored and called few frenz out yamcha. Finished yamcha dy just hanging out the shop thr chit-chat and went bek home played POKER..
Nothing much lor,after that help my sis think so of the way or idea for her job.
nothing much lor..for home at home at home


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Another Day again : (

Bored day again at home. I driving all the way back to hometown again!

Just rched hmtwn around 5pm with heavy rain drive ! goshh

Staying at home the whole day, frenz calling out to Sunway Club..wat to do ? so bored haih so jz join lor.


hahha!! sienz larrrr.... don't feel going but no choice lar.. frenz calling me out !
so juz join sumore dont need to pay.haha

Friday, December 25, 2009

Bored days

Nothing special for today,because i woke up lately at 4.30pm
frenz calling me few times out to yamcha but i prefer staying at home more.
In my soft n lovely bed : )
Is a damd tiring day for me...nvr ever since like today. + No electric this afternoon
make me sweat hell..
Just done everything n went out to basketball chill out awhile n came bck home finally electric came.
pheww !! just feel boring again n i jz thinking to play Poker Texas.haha
After playing quite a long time my frenz TAN calling me from PJ to join the car club TT for to9, i jz felt that too bored staying at home... i went down straightly from my hometown to PJ "aman suria"
We hang out at ORIGINAL KAYU with my MYVISTREET frenz.

Just all for today : ) tired hell..

MeRRy Christmas 2009

Woke up early in the morning today, the 1st think is "i think of ur present". I came down from my hometown straightly stucking in the massive jam infront sunway to get the present. Finally 4pm i rch there and collect her gift. She the special one for me on the X-mas day. Teng Teng Teng !!!

We went ate our dinner at ^^

Still got many photos at her camera havent gave me yet..soon will upload o.

After the dinner we went straighly to santuary to book our tables in there.
Is super super pack in there at 1st. but we lucky got a nice table haha!!!
The Sanctuary

Coming almost 11.30pm. I n miki walked out frm the super pack club n took sum photos and started our countdown nearly 11.55pm. Btw that time we have make a small promise to each other.That is ("Secret"). Anyway Here we go 5 > 4 > 3 > 2 > 1 ???????

After the countdown we get bck to the party time !
This is my story of the day Merry Christmas guys ^^

After that night i just felt myself alone is too lifeless
I wish my words is like is this lyric !

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Back To my blog again !

Sorry guys,
finally i found bek my password and login id for my blogzzzz!!

Sighh! in this few month, there are many things happening on me, but now everything is alright :) nth much special la, just know few new friends lor.

Today just started back to blog, i guess nth much to say,
tmrw will start it ^^