Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SmiLLing Star

Actually nothing much to blog bout for nwdays, just in the holiday mood : )

Holiday holiday now, nothing much to wondering. Just spend my time more with the one i love : ) I spend the hold holiday with you, and i'm happy to see u everyday with a great smile and happiness moment we sot sot there.

Hopefully ur hand can recovered faster so that u can be back a super girl that can do n learn ur hair course comfortably. As well i'm happy day by day.
Even sad or happy i also there with you : ) cheeexxxxx <3
I will spend my time more to the one love rather than friends or entertainment. This is who i am with my trueness<3 Actually i feel meeting u more n more and it won't course me bored, i put away all the invitation and entertainment to spend with you.
Thats me :) nvr felt bored with you at home, i feel more much comfortable : )

Once again ILoveYou <3