Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's real n not a dream

Well well well, im happy holiday now : ) between just finished my exam n is consider my last exam for my college!!! it feel more much better :) after end up the 2subject, i guess that i could get 2 A's and 2 B+ for 4 subject that i've taken for this last semester. haha

Okies,here am i gonna begin a big big suprise day ...
i just done my exam and at night i was feeling to find my friend at G6 club.
well im there with them,and have a happy day with them in there.
especially someone there for me. thats u baby,
well i will always be there like how i treat u.
the feeling is getting more n more power.
the strengh is getting more n more stronger.
i will be there whenever u r weak. don't worry.
ur problem could be solved it whenever im there.
i can do everything to secure u from being suffered like this.
Actually i thinking wanted to sold out my soccer account and get the money
to help ur parents but i scared that they will be shocked with a kind of feeling.
maybe its need times to let everything settle it down.

The moment i kissed you and the moment you looking at me.
I felt so much love between you and me. i kissed a girl i love
and i never felt so strong with this kind of feeling for almost half year.
here u come for me baby. i will always appreciate matter how hard it goes
i might be there with u n will gave u the 100% secure of ur life .
Don't ignore or push away my decision. i have thinking day after day.

So be happy and stay strong. Love you <3