Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Exam Exam Exam

Exam mood come again : ) i felt very happy because it almost rch the destination.
I just put out my night time after my exam, to meet someone special to me always. She seen in a kind of bad n sad day. I believe it can be steady and ready to get back up.
She is a kind of working baby, like to work but don't like studies : ) depends on what studies it got : )

I will be always around matter how hard it goes on ur life. All the things have proof that im happy with you but sometimes i kind felt weird with ur feeling lor.Whenever i with you sometimes u got different guys called u but its ok. i trusted u so much with ur lovely notty feeling : ) be happy always. sometimes i felt very bad for myself that be the one for u, n letting u felt sanfu with ur ex finding you back. Thanks for treating me so good n nice, i appreciate it very much : ) Sometimes u notty notty with me but ur notty brings out some cute cute baby face.
and u told me everything bout ur family i listened n tried to gave u some helpness, i mean so much to you from the beginning till now.

When I first met you, I admit I felt something special. In your eyes I see myself.
I was thinking if you felt the same way too.As moments gone by, we begun to know each other more and shared the same feelings.It is such a wonderful feeling everytime we are together, everytime we talk.But let me tell you, when we are apart, when we are silent, it is when my heart longs for you, wants to be with you, wants more of you.It is when you are not around that makes my heart grows deeper in love with you.And when we are together again, I found out that you truly deserve what I have decided and that is giving away my heart to you because I love you.I love you enough to trust you with all my heart.Enough to know that with you, I am secure.
I know sometimes, I am such a childish one, a child who feels fear around his surroundings. Like a mouse in the desert, afraid of being bitten by predators. ^_^
You know what I mean, and I am grateful because you always gives me strength, hope and a feeling of assurance.

Everytime you hold my hands, I feel your comfort and then I know a man is ready enough to fight for me, to take care of me and that man is you and so I am grateful to have you,Whatever life may bring you, whatever mood you have, whatever you do,whatever your decision is, I am here, and I will be here to support you. Love has come our way, we don’t know how, we even can’t explain.We just felt it, let it grow and now we are sharing a love – I believe no one can really understand. As what I have told you before, I can’t promise a life with always happiness because there will be times that we will be sad but this is for sure, no matter what happens I am here just for you – I’ll be.
All you have to do is to call me and open up everything you want to say.
I am here to listen to you, support you, to walk in every step of the way…

A journey ahead of us will not be easy but it will be worth it.
We will do it together.Whatever trials we will be facing, all I want is your hand to hold mine knowing that we can do it together; together we will pass every test, every trial that may come our way.With you, I know everything’s gonna be fine. With you and me, together we will be.
I love you be the one always for you <3
smile baby from "eDDie"

continue my studies : )mood mood baby baby baby i need u seat beside me someday for my another exam to hugz on me, i can study more n more comfortable : ) Muaccksss!!!