Friday, July 9, 2010

Out of my thinking mind

there are many ways to settle everything down, i know that i cant help u much but i hopefully i can help you. Coz i treated ur parents like my half of my parents also.
I know that sometimes i can't stand for somethings that u do but i kinda felt so sorry to you. I can't do more than what someone out there can do,maybe u will listened to his advice more than me but is alright, at the end of the day u will know that who is the real one, some one that been treated u so idiotic but u still think of the 2years relationship. yea u r right u can think of it but some times please think of me coz i could be the victims thats felt pain to see wat u doing there, i keep every single words all the day long till now. i hope i could be the one that can stand with u every second u fall n needed. sometimes i feel sad but i just ignore the 1second that i told u so that its wont make our relation getting worst.

All the day i go up n down from ur house, tapao food, fetch u go here and there without saying anything, i just hope that i can give u everything u want. I just treat u only with my full of heart. i have changed myself in my lifestyle,i was seating and thinking all the time, when only u can be the one that can keep happily n satisfy each other heart ??? i trust u however sometimes u do something i don't really like but i hope that u don't lao gai enough jor. tats all.

Till today i was thinking when only u awake, u told n says u try u put him away but u failed to do it, i can do it because i know that i only wanna treat u Only, thats y i went for doctor check up n have some pills to forget the past. I can do it,so means u also can do it.. i hope u can do it.

every day i brought my smile all the way out with u,because i love you thats all. All i wish n hope is u can be my side and love me. Please love me morethan everything. Be happy n stand strong all the way.


I love you with all of my heart, body ,and soul. You complete me. You make my life worth living. To have known you and to have loved you has been the most beautiful dream. I can only hope that I never wake up