Thursday, April 23, 2009

What a bad day again

Today was a bad day for me again,bcz my ex called me and keep asking me the question that i dun really wanna answer from now on.It pretty fuck up! i dont even lik ppl to ask me question that i do nt wanna answer. I my life i jz need to let myself do whatever i wanna do and i dont really lik ppl to stopping me to do what i wanna do, No one can stop me, I choose the way i walk. i dont like ppl to care more bout me,
as i know n mention one year ago. Things that ardy happened pls dont think back if not it will be more complicated n stressfull. Rmber dont force out of my way to do things that i dont lik to do. i mean it n i will do it, actually my life is a very simple life , is just that no body can feel it. Tats why.
Im goin back to my single life. i felt more much better