Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tired Days

Just woke at 11am felt that everything goes wrongly with the timetable,when 8 in the morning i woke up and look around n its look quiet n my phone din even rang on it, then i jz sleep bek on it,after 3hours i woke up again and felt that everythings goes wrong seriously, i straightly sms my frenz Ben.. then he told the class jz ended. Goshh!! im freaking headache on that time. I skipped the class. Luckily 1 more classes i can go for it. it is VB class.. huh! Felt sry to my teacher. beside i went out to hav my lunch wit my ex-driver Kumar at Subaidah at Kota Damansara after class..spent rm10 bucks for the lunch.. omg! it was 2hour partime money man !! =,=

After came back from K.D i straightly wash my hottiessss... Dirty as well..
whn every things done, i take a short nap n go for my dinner, after eating came back and do my TE 2 assignment and do some stat work ... 

finally now my whole body getting weak!!! auchhhh!! pain !!!