Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm back for my bloggerr!!!

This time im back to write my blog..and they're many things changing around..especially my relationship wit my gf..we broke up since first of march. im sorry bout tat. All the day hurting her. Maybe i felt tat im nt good enough for her,but she jz keep asking me to back into her heart, not jz once but many times until i felt that its really "NO MEANING" at all.

All the way out to from my heart
Message to Vonzo"x"

For all of the time we spent together, will never return to the day we started our journey.
i ardy been thinking for 2month . it not really worth to for u to wait me and its really no use at all to let u stop me by goin back to my own world. Before i step out from ur heart i ardy make my decision properly. and its really no point for u n me to stay together in tis type of relation.
I hope tat u can find the one u really love and keep ur self happy. Im no longer here for u anymore. Trust me. Be urself n hav a nice day "
take care.

I will stay far away from you onward,