Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Night

Im staying in the sickening days wit full of bad mood. cz my stomach BOMBMING me!! gosshhh!
Hate so much, This morning is the 1st sunday i went out took my breakfast wit my whole family!
cool n happy but sadly my stomach kills me " cant eat anything " im feeling better at noon time after taken some pills. here comes the night time i receive 1 msg from an unknow number tat sending me chinese words wit " Rmber c doctor if u still havent recover " i was shock and i also dunno who are the one given out my number to her....
but nevermind its ok for it. i dont mind to hav 1 more friend..
Till 12am its ardy counted as monday 13April,one of my frenz Suki's called me and chat wit me. btw tat we jz chat bout our daily life n working days.. As for me is like "Money comes hardly n goes easily " huhuuuuu..better save it! after the call i straight ran on my bed and sleep! it a very lifeless days for me !! sigh!!