Thursday, December 11, 2008

Day 5 Sadness Will Never Erase In My Heart

8am in the morning today my dad txt me and let me know, my grandd po has passed away peacefuly. That time i was still on the bed, i tot it was a dream i wanna push it away but at last it's seriously happen. I also dunno why god keep her back so fast. She was 100yrs old... everyone also hope that they will stay alive forever but all of our heart beat and life will depands on god. Time never wait us till the dead line.

Beside that i was missing my dearest yesterday i freaking miss her much until i wait her call until 2am... That time she ardy turn pig on the living room with her brother.. WoW... Piggiiieeee...hahahaaaa

so maybe today is my worsty blog i ever write...