Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day 3 Bored day staying alone at home

Third day of writing blog, just felt there are many things that i can't spread it out. Beside that i really don't know what to do today. So boring staying at home. Between that my dearest is watching tv at home and put me aside of it,but then never mind coz i never except so much. Today i also went to Sungai Wang with Tonny and Jerry. We enjoy shopping over there beside eating we also enjoy buy shirt there. I think all the shirt there is not really ngam me..hehe. cz its quite "lala"

After buying we walked over to Time square, on the way i walk to Time Square i saw a gurl falling down from the stairs maybe she saw me lengzai..haha.. but not my cup of tea.. Got girlfriend ardy dont think so much.wakkaaa...Just love Vonzo

Every night i have been thinking of my dearest.I'm thinking " When she will change" to stay with me sweetly in every moment.  I already promised that never drop a tears anymore but i failed to do it because when i started to think about her i will cried at the corner and asked my self  "What to do and How" i gonna change her life. Sometimes i wanna tell her something important but she seem like don't really wanna listen on it , So i just leave it behind.. I felt that very heavy to carry a big things behind of me. Huh.. It's already been 1 year relation i think every enough until today. Maybe the love i give to her in not good enough. She also say sorry to me that she treated me so cold this 2 days. In my heart i just keep her as the one and i just wanna noe do i really count the 1st for her.. Dearest maybe this year X-mas and New year will be the last time we spent our sweetness together. I don't know why i felt that i can't being with you anymore, somethings started to change our mind. If the day u leave me, maybe the day will the the last time u c me and listen to my voice in front of you. This year i hav been counted the whole day long to get the sweetest for you. Hope you know what i'm think now.