Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 4 The SadnEss n The Happiness

Even im headache now, i still can write what i wanna write...and what i wanna say it out..Today i a wonderful day for me, once again thx q to Lim Yee Von that invited me to her prom night. I appreciate tis moment and i also share all my happiness to all her friends especially her bro Boon Chun, He is quite nice and good .. beside that today is the sadness for me and boon chun.. Bro,we share together ya. Both of us also Have a big problem on Love,but we know that we are maybe a failure guy ever to a gurl. Girls always the one who choose the road, but we don't need to care bout that because if one day we can really stand high.. sure they will regret... 

Lim yee von,  EDDIE LEE here to tell you. no matter what happen you must let me know, because love is together and we share with one heart. Today i really felt that you hav secret that cant show to me. because when the time i wanna take ur phone u r trying to ignore me. im really sad that time. i dont why the feels suddenly down. Thats y i keep drinking there. Between that i also dont know why when the time i wanna lent ur phone u trying to push me away. Just like sumthing bad will happen after seeing ur phone. I really hope that i wont be like ur brother case.. i really cant tahan when i saw ur brother turn moody and keep talking bout mei ling. really sad u know. From ur eyes n heart u try to think properly why i wan to make sure u r in love tightly with me.... enough for today ... hope u will awake ur mind. don't keep secret between us. Take care " Sad " day !!!