Sunday, December 7, 2008

Day 1 Once again falling

Today i once again falling inside the dark world, until today i can't really know my dearest well. Maybe love is gone out of the shape,The 1st time she love me is very big different, until today i can started to feel the love is gone. Time after time. I'm trying to give her the sweetness but it didn't work also. I hope that when you can't seat properly with me and try to think out with me how to give each other more sweetness. I have been thinking how to give you more love but you just pretend like normal,sometimes i trying to give you happiness and i like getting worst. I admit that i'm a failure guy that ever make you sad. Hope that you can set me out of you heart after this year. I don't wanna to have this kind of relationship anymore. It's like making you more sad. Even sometimes i really hate that people call you at the night, why can't you just avoid the call. I can put my friends away call or put away all the girl call and sms to me, The one you wan i be,i ardy did it very seriously. Until today i din even lie to you and going out with friends or any girl. Even i really less friends i don't mind the important for me is you between that i also din even contact a girl using my phone. I SWEAR TO GOD" I can felt that i make a big changed because of you but you seem like nothing and normal. When the time i say you, you will started emo there..actually i really don't like but i just keep my self don't and think the bad ways and finally i can make it. From the day we together until today i din even scold u like mad people and beat you like a crazy man because i know that i love you much. Maybe after this you will never get hurt again when you set me free. All the answer on my heart is all for you. When you reading this blog you will feel why my heart always staying with you. I hope you can find the one you really love and care you. I EDDIE LEE FAILED TO LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU WANT. sorry to you.