Sunday, March 9, 2014

2014 always looking forward to be the best of my life

Well people, here u go. the second time i visiting France. All i wanted for my second time visiting france is with my love one. I have made a very special promise to my self on the Eiffel Tower on my first visit i will bring her there. Somehow there are some incident happened just few months back, We are officially broke up from our 4years relationships just like that. Nobody wanna be that hard. I got no Choice to face the problem anymore but i do still love her still care for here. I wish she could feel the way i treating her all the time. I hv spend all my time towards her, whatever she wants all i try to do my best to gave her. Even there are few times i was lack of cash on my wallet. She needed one of the cosmetic remover which called Sheumara that cost RM380, i try my best to lent from my friends to gave her. Its not easy to say no for me, but however things she want i always find a way to gave her. Now she is not with me anymore. I have put my self in the highest destination that i wanted to travel so badly. Here am i today. Standing infront of this Tower. Alone again. Is this considered we don't have fate or what ? i really confusing. If one person willing to change because of you they will always find a way to do it. If people asked me why i broke up with her. The reason is simple, BECAUSE I NOT GOOD ENOUGH CAN'T BE THE PERFECT ONE. That's me. Well i will everything going to fine soon. As well i have bought my very first house at DAMANSARA, it cost 720K. On my ages of 25. I started to go for the next level of my career.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Finally Im bck to blog again ! i leave blogging 2years ago.

Well, i would like to start again to blog all the old things, Well i have been go through alot of good and bad season for this year. its not my year. somehow i would like to thanks to all of my family and friends that always supporting me. After 2yrs here am i started to work and stayed independence alone. Having my great day ahead of my job. well guys i might not be posting so much of my history. time to get my ass to bed before its too late...... will blog again tmrw perhalps.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

11-JAN-2012 :(

I started to feel everything has changed with the words you said to me, I have no idea how to say i have no idea what to do, all i can say is "WHATEVER" I am weak, always down when i see things which i don't like. Hope u can seat down and read ur own mind.
i really don't know how to say and really don't know what to do anymore, all i do i ardy do, all i said i ardy said. The one who hurt me more than my self is You. Going out with strangers all i told you not to go out with but u still go out with them. anyway yeah whatever it is before i leaving to UK, i spend all my time with you. Do i give space to other to come out with me ? ask ur self. Do your self think each time whn u did something that will make me feel unhappy, u will always think i will forgive ? sometimes things we cannot forgive but we can do is ignore ! TODAY 11-1-2012 is the first page of bad story starts. I will never see more than what u do out there. Maybe we not suit to be together because everything you do u always think that i can accept and will listen to ur explanation. Sorry you were wrong. All i can accept is a girl that can listen to my words and do things which i always can feel protective. But not everything seem going badly i don't know how u gonna bring it on. DO YOU THINK THAT YOU SHOULD MAKE UR SELF BETTER ?. somehow u nvr know how much i afford to take out for you to buy things which you needed in macau. and the last pieces of notes in my wallet also i take it out for you. Some how what else u need some more ? until now what u still expect me to do ? what u want somemore ? tell me la !!! i try not to tell ppl what happen to me and what is going on btw me n u. Why until now u still using friend words to hide something from me.. Im enough for everything. I will still go on with my life and somehow i will fly back to UK. If things doesnt work out, i can feel that you always got a second person to waiting to go tooooo.........ask ur heart. tell ur self what u were doing ???......

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Life always be easy if u make a right decision

lonely and sad my mood again swings
with a wish that if I had wings
in a flash I would fly
high and high in the sky

happy and free in the clouds
where glee and joy knew no bounds
to a land unknown of grief and dismay
and make my heart feel happy and gay
where anger and frown never stayed a while
and faces around were glued with a smile

but in my head now i hear a scream
its time to come out of the dream
into the world full of bodies without a soul
and in their hearts a deep dark hole

this is nothing but a pity
that now I’am back into reality
with no clouds around and no wings
stress and boredom is all that stings

lonely and sad now I silently cry
I wish I had wings and I could fly..!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

ImStillWaiting for you WaiKuan


Monday, December 5, 2011

Love That nvr be replace by others.

Today is the 3rd of arguement, what to argue eddie ?
im asking my self not to be like this since i have made my decision, but lastly i regret over it.
somehow i still want to tell the world that i still love wai kuan, since ever i left her behind she is suffering quite a long time and im pretty sure that im bad enough for that moment but somehow i wish that i cannot lost a good gf like her, I'm not trying to ask her to couple back..
im just feel so alone since she leave me and going out with her friends. Im kinda jealous sometimes because she went out everyday with guys till late night, sumhow im not an easy guy to hangout with girl as well i still do my self as not available. I told my self to give her time to chance, but i guess my words to over towards her " sorry dear " but somehow if she can feel my heart beat now she will knw how much i still in love with her.

Yes i admit i want my freedom, but some how i dunno why always must argue with a little things around but somehow we both have made a lot of promises and i hope one day it will come back.

i Seriously nothing much can say bcz everything happened with a reason but i do have a good time settle down my self here but somehow i wish u were here with me. take care me. with my broken hand i still able design and type and write msg to u. Im here to apologize with a trillion times. nothing can change u to the one i love. somehow if you are mine i forever will wait for you. If u been taken by someone else, i guess all the wishes u have make will be just an empty promise towards u and god.

bY THE WAY i not going to ask more, just wish you can make up ur mind once again. n we get back to love : ) im alone to fight all the bees and im weak enough and far enough somehow i wont give up my self to fight for u.

take care i hope u can feel my heart beat towards you.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Love is NOT OVER YET !

Well today is the day that my girlfriend and me broke up. Well, i am sorry for all the things that i have done to u that make u unhappy sometimes but i seriously love you very much, and however i just want u to change ur attitude, its hard to maintain a love with a bad attitude, i know is right to do, because i really wanted you to change ur self. I am really serious in this relationship and i am so so happy for these days. We laugh , we fight , we do every crazy things that people don't do and also we smile to each other every morning when we open our eyes. I love the days baby girl but now everything has changed. All these days i very happy because you by my side, anyway u not beside me also not i felt so different than normal days. i will it could change the attitude that u currently having. Please, Please Please............
i giv u time to change ur self back to the one i first met !


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Love fails Bcz we fail to Love Each Other

Sometimes there is no next time, no second chance, no time out. Sometimes it is now or never. Sometimes you love something so much that it hurts to leave it, but you must. Sometimes it hurts too much to hold on to that thing you love. And sometimes you let go of what you love because it hurts, but then just sometimes... you get it back and live happily ever after, Never say I love you, if you don't really care...never talk about feelings, if they aren't really there...never touch a life, if you mean to break a heart...never say you're going to, if you don't plan to start...never look me in they eye, I never felt true love until I was with you, and I never felt true sadness until you left me. There is one pain, I often feel, which you will never know. It's caused by the absence of you. Have you ever been hurt and the place tries to heal a bit, and you just pull the scar off of it over and over again. Since you've been gone... Every morning when I get out of bed, I look into the mirror hoping to find my smile. But as usual, no smile. I look and I look, but it's nowhere to be found. I keep my eyes peeled wherever I go, but still no luck. When I try to think just where it might be... I can't help but wonder.. if maybe you know where I left my smile, 'cause the last time I saw it, I was with you : )However now is gone. I just sometimes to rest my heart that been deeply broken. Sorry but I love you.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Win Or Lose... Pass Or Failed

I would like to share my experiences to all my family and friend,
In this life we should know one things that we always hard to find or it can considered as "Earn" that's money. However i told my self never fight for money and never make our self tired because of money. Every sweat that dropped on the floor is a hard work that we ever did. I found out my self is a loser last time, everything i do i felt that will never work out but some how till today i felt that my self is not going to the highest level of me to settle down my life. I been working and studying, i felt so happy without anything stopping me. I just want a simple life without have any problem in my life i will just said alright and fine to god. Life is god setup and why ? in this planet there is so many kind of sickness which we cannot expected it will come some day. Healthy always the first,money is come behind after healthy.

I told my parents, i cannot give 100% hope and wish that what they wanted me to be, but some how i keen to try out everything new. Even i pass or fail on my studies they din blamed me, coz from the beginning of the day studying at kindagarden i felt tat i hate that place and i dont really like the atmosphere there.....

As today i stand up as a big boy with my big steel balls, i will walk out to the world and find something that is possible to make rich within this 8years.. My goals is my dream and wish, Which i targeted on my ages of 30yrs old.

Remember win or lose makesure everything goes well and happy life will automatically goes well : )
Pass or Failed make sure dont dissapointed because we knew we ardy do our best : )
The best we can be is always the best we showed and perform : )

To all my lovely friend and family.
all the best to me for my december final year project presentation.
My next plan is to australia, and settle down my life there <3


Successful key

One percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration"Edison's definition of genius has often been quoted to define success as well. Even before Edison, the rigors of success were described by painter Michelangelo thus "If people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery, it wouldn't seem wonderful at all."
Achieving success is almost like finding God the destination is the same, but the roads are as varied as the seekers. All you need to do is choose your path…

But what is success?
Success may be described as the realization of an aim and for the realization of any aim hard work is essential. Hard work helps us to develop our potential to the maximum and strive for excellence in any field.
Hard work makes us better prepared to face adverse situations. Hard work helps an athlete to persevere in a race and win it , it helps an average student to become extraordinary, it helps to transform destinies. Success is basically about how you can turn adverse situations in your favor.

So, focus your energies in a concentrated manner on your goal and then start perspiring for it. The choice of the goal and the effort taken in reaching it are complementary: if you want to achieve something for the love of it, and not because it is the done thing, no amount of hard work would tire you. As De Bono puts it: "Successful people do often enjoy their work that it does not seem like work." According to a recent survey, success earned through hard work was the foremost factor responsible for a contented life.

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm."
Behind every human effort lies a hope for success. So keen is his desire for success that he fails to see any value in failures. But one must remember that failures are the pillars of success. They provide us an opportunity to realize our shortcomings so that we can constantly strive to improve ourselves.