Thursday, June 10, 2010

We might share together

What a nice day again but quite hot :) i'm done with my job.
ever since my self turn to other me,i felt there is many things have changed and i been protecting myself from others ppl to get to knw me. I'm a sticky person but while its very hard for this moment. I'm waiting and waiting day after day..
i might be having some bored day without you someday but i keen to have a happy moment toward you.
The day i will be leaving you, i guess its the day i'm down..but for life i should be doing on my own way, for love i might be doing together with you.some how is quite complicated on your side but i don't feel any painless on it because i swear before for all the promised. it could never ever break it. till one day u leave me, the broken heart will following you all over with you. because we have our day with colorful memories.