Sunday, June 6, 2010

Preparing for the next happy day

In this moment i feels what i felt in the right one. I hopefully is a best secure for my entire life : )
Whenever i awake or sleep i just need u be my side <3

As well woke up in the morning i'm just too rush to prepare and getting over to the cake shop to take the "kayang kok" that's my hometown most famous cake.

actually i tot bring someone to desapark city for a walk and see dogs but she felt lazy to walk so i'm just going for another places. haha
soon while after we've a short walk we decided to go over Kepong manjalara to have our steamboat night, it's quite fun on that night with fully laughing voice through bro patt and william.haha

so whenever we finish our chatting session i sending my sweet one back : )

tats wat a short daily life <3