Saturday, June 5, 2010

A day with a smile

Woke up early in the morning go get my car, the 1st things i think is find u.
haha: ) anyway how i really got the chances to find u, haha
Fruits days and hokkien mee <3 wat a nice day enjoying buying fruits at market and eat eat hokkien with biii biii parents : ) although is too much but they do finished it the next day. haha happy happy 2nd day i woke up, thinking bi bi said that she wanna watch movie, i fai fai bring my car to tint and ftch her to movie. wat movie we watch ! here we goes ! the "night mare on elm street" WE BOTH GEH SHOCKED !! hehe,but we do enjoy the movie till the end <3 Photobucket

after the movie we went over myvistreet TT at aman suria having some supper then ftch princess back o..

we met police block but we escape it : ) haha

wat a nice day <3

i hope that coming more and more days we can get more happy n happier