Monday, December 28, 2009

Good day for me "Genting *

Today can counted as a normal day for me, coz i woke up lately around 2.30pm
and online for 1hour and straightly went out to my new hse area hav a look at the house.

After awhile chill out at the new hse i went to my frenz rim's shops do my car rims and add on spacer.: )

Teng Teng !!!!

staying at my frenz shop about 2hour after that we started to discuss to9 plan.
however i jz felt bored at home. so i call my brother together went up to genting
watch avatar.

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While on the way im walking inside the first world hotel. I saw 2 of my frenz.
Mei San and Carmen...the world is so so so small....

fnsh up movie i straightly went to arcade play INITIAL D 5 and basketball..
huh..won all the yellow ticket me alone won dy almost 1250...but i gave to ppl dy.
cz i don't feel changing anything.. :)

so tats only for today lor : )