Monday, December 5, 2011

Love That nvr be replace by others.

Today is the 3rd of arguement, what to argue eddie ?
im asking my self not to be like this since i have made my decision, but lastly i regret over it.
somehow i still want to tell the world that i still love wai kuan, since ever i left her behind she is suffering quite a long time and im pretty sure that im bad enough for that moment but somehow i wish that i cannot lost a good gf like her, I'm not trying to ask her to couple back..
im just feel so alone since she leave me and going out with her friends. Im kinda jealous sometimes because she went out everyday with guys till late night, sumhow im not an easy guy to hangout with girl as well i still do my self as not available. I told my self to give her time to chance, but i guess my words to over towards her " sorry dear " but somehow if she can feel my heart beat now she will knw how much i still in love with her.

Yes i admit i want my freedom, but some how i dunno why always must argue with a little things around but somehow we both have made a lot of promises and i hope one day it will come back.

i Seriously nothing much can say bcz everything happened with a reason but i do have a good time settle down my self here but somehow i wish u were here with me. take care me. with my broken hand i still able design and type and write msg to u. Im here to apologize with a trillion times. nothing can change u to the one i love. somehow if you are mine i forever will wait for you. If u been taken by someone else, i guess all the wishes u have make will be just an empty promise towards u and god.

bY THE WAY i not going to ask more, just wish you can make up ur mind once again. n we get back to love : ) im alone to fight all the bees and im weak enough and far enough somehow i wont give up my self to fight for u.

take care i hope u can feel my heart beat towards you.