Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just Alone-Ly Day

Comes again holiday !
Life going happy and happy! Sometimes even sad i can stand back up to smile!
haha! Anyway i missed yesterday blog! huhuuu!


I woke up early in the morning go for my 10am class, wat a nice day hanging out with Benpaul and Vincent, we go around KL area see car stuff! haha! i jz went thr and install my lil meter! tats all..
by that time i go over to puchong get the neon for my frenz and on tat time , i meet up Dickson and Alan Tan at Station 1 , we yamcha awhile...
when yam cha half way, i received a msg frm her that she told me,she was alone at T.S kena ffk by her frenz,
so i have to go over there with my blur and sleepy face ^^
actually im very tired on tat night but i still hanging out at setapak with my ex classmate, around 1am i started to chaozz frm setapak...bek to PJ..
tats what a bored dayyy