Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm back to My New Happy Life

I'm so sorry to everyone that reads my blog, i seldom update it.So finally my mood are back after i crush with my gf MaySee a months ago.
and now their one gurl came behind me, that i know her very long time ago but no chance to met her up,but now the god gave me a chance to get to know her well.

I never knew that i met her 22th that day at Clubbing night,after that we took the 1st pic personally. I was just felt very happy on it. anyway too many ppl around seem hate her after,they know she knew me. but for that i will do her a special favour, no body can do it. Maybe it seem abit complicated between her life and my life,but we try to concern each other well. The whole week we been going out the whole day even day and night she is just beside me, and i will never forget the day i her mum's cook for me a nice dinner and i also thanks to her parents that bring me to Pavillion Kampachi ate a nice dinner.i hope fully i got the chance to eat with her parents again.^^

special msg to u "April "

Hope u enjoy the whole weeks with me,
Thanks for entertain me,


AprilLee said...

Im really very happy that u were so happy with me that time..i never been to your blog before, well im really shock..fter i read but well your right,things comes and go. be happy now again k? though im not there to be beside you like last time..u have so mny girls are wanting to be just like me that luck in life..

Eddie said...

thanks for ur comments weihh..
it's ok lar ^^ i got my own life now! very happy with it ^^