Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm back on my style

Here am i back to the style..
im back to happy mood..
the past all has gone.
now i felt that im the one tat can stand on top of everything.
No love in my life. but it just waiting for the one i wan .
she will nvr appear until the day i step in to her world.
wait the time comes.. i wish tat someone the love me can find her own way out frm my world, "pls don't waste ur time on me" i wont accept or gave a chances back again.
I wish tat u can find the one u really love.I'm not worth at all.Just stay on ur own world without asking me a chance.. I keep n took it back the chances that i have given to u. Don't ask me question anymore. Look forward to the future.

eDDie back on his style without looking and thinking back the sad story..
I will start my new chapter onward !