Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chill For The bad mood

Im seriously tiring from every single moment and im hate of the stupid things tat happened around beside me. For me i've been thinking how to turn my myself in the darkness world, How ? .... i found my answer. Things tat spoken out from ppls somethings we felt tat they are blaming us on the way they said something.
For me as well dont said whatever that i don't like. Just don't learnt everything bad i hate it so much. Until today no one knows what i want and what am i thinking of it.Even my best frenz Kalvin also can't notice that what am i thinking. No one will know wat im thinking nowdays. Hopefully everythings goes well soon,

For yesterday im very happy tat can celebrate mothers days with the whole family gathering together and have a nice dinner. Mother " IM HERE TO THX FOR EVERYTHING THAT U HAVE DONE N GAVE TO ME, IM SRY FOR THE THINGS TAT I HAVE DONE WRONGLY " hopefully u enjoy this year mother days.

Walk slowly n following step by step
No Thinking the negative ways to start a journey
Looking forward for every single moment.