Friday, April 17, 2009

Not goin to ask once again

Woke up early in da morning went to 30minutes classes..tat bring me bored lik hell..
haizz... jz after class i went dinner with all my classmates at Choy Kee,after makan i straightly went to my friend house to stay thr for awhile. It's really very tired on it.. damd it..
oh ya forgotten ardy. Today i went Mitra House before i coming back to hometown.
Long Time didn't drank Black Label dy! Its lik killing my throat ! burning me! grrr! but nvm la, i jz drank 3 cups of it enough..straightly 180 dragginnggg bek to hometown.
wowww!! 25mint rch hm from kepong ! wat a fastest record i ever been !!!

Now is time to sleep n Goin waterfall tmrw!